Window Cleaning

Gone are the days when you can call up your neighborhood "window guy" to clean the windows. Unfortunately, for some building owners and managers, they still have in their mind; " A window is a window; how hard can it be to clean them?" Window cleaning today is much more then a function of removing dirt and grim from a glass surface. Those who don't learn this fact, inevitably find out the hard way.

Today, window cleaning is much more involved with manufacturing advances in insulated glass and tempering processes, together with innovation in the architectural design uses of glass, window cleaning has become much more sophisticated and can no longer be taken for granted.

The amount of technical knowledge of structures and materials, together with a comprehensive worker safety program have become an utmost importance when selecting a window cleaner. A labyrinth of new procedures, skill requirements and liability issues have continued to develop along with the new advancements in the window cleaning industry. Building owners together with their managers must make it a priority to foster a strong partnering relationship with their window cleaning contractor to effectively and fully plan for the maintenance of their investment.

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