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 Metal Maintenance

Exterior metal frames, mullions of window system, architectural panels and facades all need to be maintained along with the windows and other components of a building structure. Like any other investment, your building's metal work is an asset that requires care to retain it's full value.

Ellis Enterprises has technical expertise and experience to restore all types of architectural metal to their original appearance and attractiveness. After refurbishment, we can help you maintain the "jewelry" of your property to better reflect a polished image.

In addition to maintaining bare metal surfaces, Ellis Enterprises is uniquely familiar with the processes required to maintain fluoropolymer & enameled painted coatings on metal. Manufacturers of these surfaces recommend that they be cleaned on a periodic basis to prevent degradation of the coatings due to atmospheric pollution and contaminants. The absence of an effective cleaning will produce chalking and film staining, erosion, discoloration and loss of gloss appearance. Any cleaning program for these materials must be tough enough to remove stubborn stains yet gentle enough so as to not damage the integrity nor harm the appearance of these technically soft coatings. We are proud of our ability to assess and implement effective maintenance programs for these and other metal surfaces.

Call us for a free evaluation of your facility and we will help you work out a plan to help you enhance and maintain the beauty of your property over the course of it's useful life.

Cleaning the metal window frames below the Promenade Deck on the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
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